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Did You Know Switchlinc Switches work on the x10 signal and has better reception than x10 switches?

To program a SwitchLinc switch you follow simple instructions of program mode, transmit signal from transmitting device such as a 1,2,4,6,8 button switch, x10 Clock, or x10 hand held remote, press on and done.

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Smarthome - SwitchLinc
Batteries not included on any items

2381 W

Quantity Available: 11

2381 W
Product Manual

Smarthome - SwitchLinc 2381 W
1000 watt 2-way dimmer - white
x10 high end dimmer
2382 W

Quantity Available: 11

2382 W
Product Manual

Smarthome - SwitchLinc 2382W
3-way dimmer - white
x10 high end dimmer

2384 W

Quantity Available: 2

2384 W
Product Manual

Smarthome - SwitchLinc 2384W
600 watt dimmer - white
x10 high end dimmer

2387 W

Quantity Available: 49

2387 W
Product Manual

Smarthome - SwitchLinc 2387W
600 watt Standard dimmer - white
non X10 compatible

2387 W2
Quantity Available: 49 2387 W2
Product Manual


Smarthome - SwitchLinc 2387W2
600 watt Standard dimmer - white
non X10 compatible ( 2 wire )
X10 Pro
X10 Powerhouse
The X10 Amp
Boost the signal at each electric panel on a Property!



LEVITON - 6201

ACT - CR130

Quantity Available: 11
Product Manual

System coupler repeater
120 / 208V Black

This product should be installed at all electrical panels on a property that has x10. This item fixes 80% of all X10 problems. The third wire which is black should be capped.
X10 XPCR is the intricate part of a home automation system. Without it the system fails. With it the systems works. You may need some additional filtering as well. Some industrial items should not be used in homes with x10.






ACT - AF110

Quantity Available: 5
Product Manual

20A wired-in filter
120/220 UPC (black)


Quantity Available: 2

Slide dimmer w/optional locater light. on/off preset switch. incandescent 600w


Quantity Available: 2

Slide dimmer w/locater light on/off preset switch. white/almond incandescent 600w
Control Scape

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If you do not know what you are doing Hire an expert Home Automation Specialist. They are far and few.

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We use to sell and install all the above items and we bought up inventories from Manufacturers and still have items to sell off. We Believe we are the only Merchant who has the Smarthome Switchlinc Line x10 protocol devices and Insteon with x10 protocol devices on the market.
Which system is the best? x-10, Smarthome Switchlinc, Insteon or UPB?

X10 has been around since 1978 and still works well if you know how to install it and service it.
Smarthome Switchlinc is by far a nice touch to x10 and is an excellent dimmer line.
Insteon ( Newer ) has its own protocol and its own issues. from an installer technician opinion, no tools for testing, so not the option we would choose.
UPB - Pulseworx Gen 2 is by far the best of the best. There are other UPB manufacturers out there and they are NOT the same.
Things to know about Home Automation
All of the systems require a System type installation and without it, you may have issues.
Every home should have the X10 XPCR installed at each Electric Panel Main Panel Pool Panel Sub Panel Etc,
if you are trying to operate anything on the x10 protocol.
Panel Amps solve 80+% of all system malfunctions, x-10 problems, x10 issues. See XPCR above.
Without "Panel Amps," the rest is just random parts. With Panel Amps you have a working system.

UPB has a similar Panel Amp - SPR-1 needed at each panel.
Here again the Main Panel, Pool Panel, the sub panels, etc.
Panel Amps solve 80+% of all system malfunctions.
Every time I hear there is a problem with Home Automation from a tech and I ask if the "Panel Amps" are installed, I always hear nope. Do it right the first time and enjoy the Home Automation System. Without "Panel Amps," the rest is just random parts.

All electric panels should also have x10 protocol friendly surge protection as well. Whole House Surge Protection.
Never wire parts in HOT. Make sure power is off and make sure you are a qualified technician / electrician, or hire someone who is.
Always amp probe all loads prior to installing dimmers and make sure the loads do not exceed manufacturer specs.
Remove all surge plug strips from the entire property of homes on x10 protocol. Replace with "6plex" at location and surge protection at all panels.
Avoid using curly cue fluorescent lamps on all homes with x10 protocol.
Avoid using industrial items, wall packs, high pressure sodium, metal halide lighting, Power Back ups, UPC's, on all homes with x10 protocol.
Filter all laptops, TVS, DVR's, pool motors, battery chargers, on all homes with x10 protocol.
Loose wiring connections on the property, will reduce signal strength.
SOLAR Panels and SOLAR INVERTERS must be filtered if on your own property. Or the system will malfunction,... usually from 9am - 6pm and will have some issues for the next couple of hours.
If solar on a neighbors property, sharing the same transformer from the electrical utility, you can forget about x10, smarthome, insteon,... We have not tested UPB on this as of yet.
Currently we do not recommend Z-wave products on any Older larger homes Pre 1978.

The average life of a switch or home automation part, is around 5 - 10 years indoors and 1 - 3 years outdoors.
Poor installation such as wiring home automation device in "Hot" can reduce life span down to a a second, a day, a week etc.
Most hand held remotes, battery motions, or sticky switches are good for around 20 - 25 feet, anything more and it works, you are lucky.